Are you a factory?

Are you a factory?

Are you a factory?
Are you a factory?
Ding You Furniture is a Chinese factory with 18 years of experience in developing and manufacturing tables and chairs.

With 6500㎡ of production workshop and 2400㎡ of offline showroom, Ding You is very welcome to visit us!

The workshop of Ding You has 4 parts: hardware workshop, injection workshop, assembly workshop and packaging workshop.

Ding You's showroom can provide you with: different product combinations, different color matching effects, and more personalized choices.

Dingyou Furniture Factory
Please take a look at our factory in the following video.
Dingyou Furniture Showroom
Please take a look at our company and showroom in the following video.
This stackable and easy-to-clean plastic chair is ideal for meeting rooms, lounges, waiting rooms, training rooms, and more.
This chair has a high-density foam cushion, which makes you sit comfortably and study easier.
A multifunctional node chair that adapts to a variety of scenarios, with a variety of colors and configurations to choose from!
This row chair, not only can be arranged neatly, but also can be stacked to save your space.