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FAQ about Application scenario
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FAQ about Application scenario

Is the foldable training table suitable for school and company?

Is the foldable training table suitable for school and company? Usually training rooms or classrooms have activities for arranging discussion groups, and traditional desks and chairs will be reassembled. Most of them are rectangular desks and chairs. It is really troublesome to splicing together to form a small group discussion. Most of the discussion tables in the company are also rectangular, which is actually not conducive to discussion. For this reason, the smart classroom group discussion table of Dingyou Furniture appeared, which is convenient for many companies and schools to use. Most of the smart classroom group splicing tables are hexagonal, and most of them are round. A hexagonal discussion table can accommodate at least six people. It is common for a group to have six members, so a hexagonal discussion table is suitable. The size of the round desks and chairs depends on the size. A large round discussion table can naturally accommodate more people, and a small round table will be less. In addition, there are fan-shaped discussion tables. These discussion tables have one characteristic, that is, they are durable, can be freely combined, folded, and have rich colors. The combination will highlight the youthful vitality or simple atmosphere of the office and conference room.

Where are the smart classroom multifunctional tables and chairs applicable?

Where are the smart classroom multifunctional tables and chairs applicable? The smart classroom multi-functional table and chairs belong to a table with multi-purpose functions. Its design is very delicate, and it is suitable for placement in various scenarios.The commonly used scenarios are as follows: smart classrooms, training institutions, schools, creative classrooms, etc. When we are purchasing, we recommend choosing brand products with good quality and fashionable styles. Most importantly, they have a complete after-sales service system. So where are the multifunctional desks and chairs suitable for smart classrooms, and what are their characteristics? Dingyou Furniture will take you to find out. The multi-functional desks and chairs of the smart classroom can be folded, and can be handled according to the situation during training. Fold it aside to save space. The concept of this design is to simplify the complex, in line with the requirements of the current era.Tables and chairs can be freely combined, making a reasonable use of space, especially this kind of table. If it is a conference table shape, it will be immediately combined into an open office space, which can be freely combined into a training table, which can be turned into the main venue for brainstorming at any time, which is especially suitable for many enterprises.If it is a training table shape, with such a smart classroom multi-functional table and chairs, you can have a more high-end training environment and effectively improve the learning efficiency of students.