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Are you a factory?

Are you a factory? Ding You Furniture is a Chinese factory with 18 years of experience in developing and manufacturing tables and chairs.With 6500㎡ of production workshop and 2400㎡ of offline showroom, Ding You is very welcome to visit us!The workshop of Ding You has 4 parts: hardware workshop, injection workshop, assembly workshop and packaging workshop.Ding You's showroom can provide you with: different product combinations, different color matching effects, and more personalized choices. Dingyou Furniture Factory Please take a look at our factory in the following video. Dingyou Furniture Showroom Please take a look at our company and showroom in the following video. Wholesale Office stackable training chair conference room plastic meeting chairs for multifunctional spaces This stackable and easy-to-clean plastic chair is ideal for meeting rooms, lounges, waiting rooms, training rooms, and more. Wholesale School student folding training room chair with flip writing pad board classroom stackable tablet chair with wheels This chair has a high-density foam cushion, which makes you sit comfortably and study easier. Factory Direct Sales Training smart classroom chair plastic school node chair with folding writing board A multifunctional node chair that adapts to a variety of scenarios, with a variety of colors and configurations to choose from! Factory Direct Sales Furniture row chair stackable plastic training chair for office conference meeting room school This row chair, not only can be arranged neatly, but also can be stacked to save your space.

Is the foldable training table suitable for school and company?

Is the foldable training table suitable for school and company? Usually training rooms or classrooms have activities for arranging discussion groups, and traditional desks and chairs will be reassembled. Most of them are rectangular desks and chairs. It is really troublesome to splicing together to form a small group discussion. Most of the discussion tables in the company are also rectangular, which is actually not conducive to discussion. For this reason, the smart classroom group discussion table of Dingyou Furniture appeared, which is convenient for many companies and schools to use. Most of the smart classroom group splicing tables are hexagonal, and most of them are round. A hexagonal discussion table can accommodate at least six people. It is common for a group to have six members, so a hexagonal discussion table is suitable. The size of the round desks and chairs depends on the size. A large round discussion table can naturally accommodate more people, and a small round table will be less. In addition, there are fan-shaped discussion tables. These discussion tables have one characteristic, that is, they are durable, can be freely combined, folded, and have rich colors. The combination will highlight the youthful vitality or simple atmosphere of the office and conference room.

What are the characteristics of Dingyou's folding training table?

What are the characteristics of Dingyou's folding training table? The design of the folding training table is very convenient, and its biggest feature is that it can be folded, which can greatly save space and make life more convenient.For some small meeting places, if not needed, it can be folded up at any time and placed in the corner, so that the space can be freed up without taking up much space.In order to meet the needs of different customers for the height of the folding training table, the designer installed adjustable feet under the feet of the table, and the design is more intimate and more personalized. In order to give users better convenience, the training table has a double-layer design. The upper layer is used for training, and the lower layer can put some books and other items, which is more convenient for the user's life and more convenient. In terms of quality, don't worry, the overall frame is made of thickened steel pipes, and the connections are reinforced with screw fittings. The overall aspect is stronger, allowing users to feel more at ease when using it, achieving a combination of beauty and safety. If you also want to buy a folding training table, then come directly to Dingyou training tables and chairs to choose.

What are the advantages of folding conference tables?

What are the advantages of folding conference tables? With the development of the times, all walks of life are carrying out independent innovation to meet different market demands. The conference table industry is also constantly improving its products, with new products emerging one after another. Folding conference table is one of them. This kind of conference table is currently very popular, which is naturally inseparable from its advantages.  So what are the advantages and benefits of folding conference tables?1. High flexibilityA folding conference table, as the name suggests, is a conference table that can be folded. Compared to our traditional conference table, it is more flexible. The legs of the folding conference table are movable, which is very convenient to move. It can be placed in different places and positions according to actual needs to achieve satisfactory results.2. High utilization rateThe foldable conference table can be folded and stored when not in use, without affecting the normal use of the space. In particular, some companies with smaller scale and venues can expand and fold the conference table during the meeting to form a conference room space. In daily life, it can be used as office space for others, which improves the utilization rate of office space to a certain extent.3. More suitable for spaceIn order to better adapt to the space, the overall arc of the folding conference table is at a 90-degree angle, which can be directly attached to the entire wall. Whether your walls are at right angles or with a certain arc, they can be perfectly combined to improve space utilization.4. The price is rightThe price of the folding conference table is much cheaper than our traditional conference table. Most of them use steel structure as the frame of the workbench, which greatly improves the stability of the workbench. At the same time, the desktop can choose different materials, such as solid wood material, glass material, artificial board, etc., so its overall cost will be correspondingly reduced, and the price of the product will be greatly reduced.These are the four advantages of folding conference tables that I would like to share with you. I hope that through this article, you can purchase the folding training table that your company likes to match.

How to choose a training table?

How to choose a training table? When the company purchases the training table, it does not know what material to choose? Do not know which training table manufacturers are of good quality? Today, this article will teach you how to purchase a training table. Key Points of Purchasing a Training Desk:1) Whether the training table is stable is very important. When purchasing, shake the entire folding table back and forth, left and right, and shake it with both hands to firmly indicate that the frame is good.2) If you buy an adjustable training table, the flexibility will be much higher, so that it can be used by people of different ages.3) When purchasing, pay more attention to the details of the problem to see if there is a gap in the welding of the training table. If there is a gap and it is not smooth, then do not choose it.4) When purchasing a training table, you should pay attention to the color matching, and choose according to your own environment and the required atmosphere, so as to meet the environmental requirements.5) If the table has a folding function, the folding part should be easy and comfortable, not too tight or too loose, just right.6) The size of the training table is also very important. The size of the table should be selected according to the size of the space. After all, there are still many styles and models of the table.I hope that through this article, you can purchase the folding training table that your company likes to match.

What is the difference between a training chair and a conference chair?

What is the difference between a training chair and a conference chair? Usually, different styles of chairs are used in company training or meetings, so there are many different names. If you want to hold various meetings of various sizes, you will definitely use conference chairs, and you will also use training chairs for internal training in the company. So what is the difference between a training chair and a conference chair? Dingyou takes you to know the training chair:Training chairs are also called dictation chairs and news chairs, which refer to chairs that can be used for desktop work in training meetings, press conferences and other related occasions. There are also many choices of materials and specifications, and the materials can be divided into mesh, plastic, leather, and steel pipes. In terms of function, it can be divided into foldable, with writing board, with storage function and so on. The multifunctional training chair can make training convenient and quick to complete in the training room. Dingyou takes you to know the conference chair:Conference chairs, also known as meeting chairs, are a type of product that is necessary for ordinary meetings, and there are many kinds of materials and shapes. Materials can be divided into plastic steel, solid wood, mesh and plastic, etc. These are all common materials. Making full use of various colors or uniform specifications to decorate the conference room will make a significant impact on the mind and visual impact of the meeting.

What is the function of Dingyou folding conference training chair?

What is the function of Dingyou folding conference training chair? In order to reduce costs, in order to choose conference chairs, in order to save office space, we like to choose folding conference chairs, and today's folding conference chair functions are useful for everyone, and which functions can we usually use. First of all, Dingyou folding conference chair has good performance and is easy to disassemble. Practical folding conference chairs are available in different styles to suit different usage environments. At the same time, the foldable function can help you save 30% of the space, allowing you to make better use of the space.Secondly, Dingyou conference chairs are made of environmentally friendly materials that meet national safety and hygiene standards. The leather material has good breathability and non-combustibility. The inner filler has strong memory, strong deformation recovery ability, medium hardness and comfort. Chair frame options with hard material castors and steel feet.Finally, Dingyou folding training chairs not only have black, white and gray commonly used in conferences, but also blue, yellow, orange, green and other colors that can be seen with different moods. This is also the biggest feature of our Dingyou folding conference training chairs.The introduction of folding conference chairs is here, and I will add other updated knowledge next time.

What are the advantages of smart classrooms?

What are the advantages of smart classrooms? With the development of science and technology, it has also entered the field of teaching. Many schools have established smart classrooms. With smart classrooms, of course, smart classroom desks and chairs are indispensable. Especially in recent years, the popularity of such desks and chairs is Quite high, so what are the advantages of smart classroom desks and chairs? Today, Dingyou Furniture will take you to know about it.1. Convenience. Smart classroom desks and chairs generally have a large number of functions, such as being able to connect to a computer, to connect to multimedia, etc., which can provide great convenience when used.2. The sense of technology is very strong. The smart classroom desks and chairs have a strong sense of technology, which can make people feel the convenience brought by technology. When studying in such a classroom, students' attention will be more concentrated. 3. It can be spliced and combined, which is convenient for teachers to arrange students to discuss and share with each other in groups, avoid students getting confused in their own world, and have a relaxed learning atmosphere. After an in-depth understanding of smart classroom desks and chairs, everyone will find that it is really beneficial to have such desks and chairs in schools.Foshan Dingyou Furniture Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of tables and chairs for smart classrooms in colleges and universities, and plans a one-stop overall space solution. It provides more complete free services for schools and community institutions: space plane effect, scheme and scene matching, transportation and installation, and after-sales maintenance.

What are the characteristics of smart classroom training desks and chairs?

What are the characteristics of smart classroom training desks and chairs? Many schools are thinking about improving the quality of teaching and improving teaching methods. And now the development of science and technology has indeed provided it with convenience, and more and more schools have begun to build smart classrooms. Of course, smart classrooms cannot lack the existence of smart classroom desks and chairs. So what characteristics should these tables and chairs have?First, intelligence. Since smart classroom tables and chairs have the word "wisdom", of course they cannot be lacking in intelligence. Moreover, smart things will be more convenient to use, have a sense of technology, and will be more helpful for teaching. Second, speed. Smart classroom desks and chairs should be convenient to use and simple to operate, so as to be faster and not waste valuable time in class.Finally, simplicity. Smart classroom desks and chairs are simpler to use. It can be said that they can be used at a glance. Otherwise, students will focus on how to use them, and they will not be interested in the content of the lecture.Of course, the use of smart classroom desks and chairs in different places will have their own requirements, that is to say, there must be some characteristics suitable for them. This is a specific analysis of the specific situation.

How do you ship products?

How do you ship products? 1) We are responsible for finding a freight forwarder for you to transport, and the freight is borne by you.2) You have your own shipping method, we will help you deliver it to the designated location, you only need to bear the domestic shipping fee.

What payment methods do you accept?

What payment methods do you accept? We accept PayPal, Credit card, Western union, Bank transfer,  Mastercard, E-checking and so on.

Where is your company located?

Where is your company located? If you would like to visit, we are honored to welcome you.Please let us know your schedule. It will be more convenient for both parties to arrange.Exhibition Hall Address: Dingyou Furniture Co., Ltd., 8th Floor, Haoqiang Furniture Building, No. 3 Sharon Road, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, China.Factory address: No. 16, Shafu Shakeng Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, China.

Do you have your own brand name?

Do you have your own brand name? Foshan Dingyou Furniture Co., Ltd. is an enterprise rooted in Shunde, Foshan. Dingyou is our brand.

What is your main product?

What is your main product? We are a professional manufacturer of professional training tables and chairs for 18 years, such as foldable tables and chairs, plywood chairs, training chairs with writing boards, multifunctional integrated swivel chairs, etc.Here are some of our bestsellers: